Known as SAHOCA (Sultan Abdul Hamid Old Collegians’ Association) was established under the eagerness to help and to contribute. It is desired to improve the quality of SAHC and to raise the image of the school. It has a distinguished alumnus of well-known nationalists, state builders, MPs, Malaysian security forces and prominent individuals. It boasts of alumni roster that includes Malaysia’s first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman; former Finance Minister Tun Daim Zainuddin; actor Bront Palarae; national laureate Shahnon Ahmad; former President of the UN General Assembly Tan Sri Razali Ismail; and ex-Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad—currently headed by Mr. Mirzan Tun Dr Mahathir from Class of 74. The ex-members of SAHOCA recognized that they must operate within realistic and affordable financial limits following the potentials shown by the current members.

SAHOCA strives to establish a platform which does not merely serve to open vistas of interest for former students, but also current students, the College and the community. Their aspirations include the setting up of a Scholarship Fund to help support the education of SAHC students in need or to support the further studies of their lovely teachers. They also regularly held a celebration to invite Alumni back for the yearly Alumni Dinner and activities such as Golf Championship, Eid Celebration and Birthday Parties. Besides, they are optimistic that the Alumni will contribute back to the College, whether fiscally, or using human resources and ideas. Likewise, we see the potential for the Alumni to assist younger members of the SAHC family in seeking bursaries and employment opportunities.

SAHOCA is a platform for networking among alumni and students as creates new opportunities and avenues for collaboration, building relationships and providing opportunities for younger alumni and current students. It is also enabling alumni to contribute to the enrichment of the College and community while provides alumni membership benefits and opportunities to return to the College and engage with current students and staff.

The SAHOCA noted the demand for a systematic organization to serve and represent its membership in the future. This organization will support and promote reunion activities set for their alumni and coordinate the management and demand of the SAHOCA. To realize this objective, the SAHOCA began to seek resources and ideas to contribute and to help the SAHC. This organization will provide a ground for the alumni to repay their gratitude to the alma mater. They were encouraging the alumni to offer their ideas and efforts to help SAHC regain its previous status as a top school.