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Rakesh Ram
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On the 21st of May 2017, SAHOCA KL's Task Force led by Brigadier General Dato' Azizon Ariffin made a visit to Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid to inspect and have a closer look on the deteriorating physical condition of our great school. The TF comprising of Rakesh(myself) batch 2015, Burhan batch 2006 and Encik Hassan Ahmad(rep of Encik Mazmi batch 1985) was shocked to find that the school hardly has a well-functioning science lab and the classrooms do not even have decent whiteboards. I was a student in the school two years ago but I must admit that the physical state of the school has worsened over the last two years. 

When we asked the administration of the school to fill us in on what happened resulting in such run down facilities, they explained to us that the process of renovating the roof of the science lab block(which took place in 2016) showed how critical the state of the entire block was. The school basically has three empty science labs now filled with a few tables and chairs just for namesake. The lower forms (1-3) are learning science in old empty run down science labs with no pieces of scientific apparatus whatsoever. This is sad. 

In conclusion, after spending the entire day walking around the school, we have found that there are a few parts of the school which require urgent repairing. Among these are, the science labs of lower forms, the classroom blocks of Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3, and the whiteboards and softboards in every single classroom of the school. 

The TF has collected some of the information needed. I will be making a few trips to the school with Encik Hassan this week to get all other information required. Encik Hassan will also do the costing of fixing up the areas of the school which are in dire need of help. Within a few weeks from now, the TF led by BG Dato' Azizon, is targeting to finish up our paperwork and presentation notes so that we will be able to present the results of this trip to the higher comittee of SAHOCA KL. We hope all old boys of Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid are aware of the sad physical state of our great alma mater and try our best to contribute back to our school so that it can be restored as one of the most prestigious schools in our country.



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